16 ways to know you are addicted to Twitter

  1. You received a tiny URL to this list via Twitter. And links to the other n lists of “How do you know when you are addicted to Twitter” via Twitter.
  2. You have re-followed @ev just to send him dm’s about features that were once in twitter, and have disappeared.
  3. Without thinking twice, you grok #2.
  4. Before a conference or meeting, you stress about which #hashtag to use
  5. When meeting people IRL (real-life) you immediately start talking to them where their twitters left off. “So, is your partner out of hospital now?”
  6. Your avatar based on your mood, season, latest craze or just random stuff. Never a normal picture of yourself.
  7. Of the 400-odd twitter client applications, nothing really works the way you want it to.
  8. There is a twitter client, or at least http://m.twitter.com/ bookmarked in all your internet-enabled devices.
  9. You have twittered whilst over caffeinated, intoxicated or medicated.
  10. After friends make fun of you on twitter, you have regretted #9. But now you are a dead-set legend for a few days on twitter, so it all works out.
  11. Each day, you speak to more twitter friends than IRL friends. In fact, you would consider your twitter friends as real friends, anyway.
  12. Twittering is the first thing you do before calling, writing or speaking to someone after a life-event.
  13. Before going to a news web site (or let alone the TV), you jump onto twitter to see what is going on.
  14. You lose concentration after 140 characters of a sentence. In fact, you miss the character count when typing blogs or emails.
  15. Rather than emailing a work-colleague, you dm them a link. To a twitter message.
  16. You will retweet this link almost as second nature.

8 thoughts on “16 ways to know you are addicted to Twitter”

  1. Hilarious… I would have replied via twitter, but I thought it would be ‘retro’ to leave a blog comment – just like in the old days…

  2. Please to say based on your list I’m not addicted to twitter. So pleased by this I may even twitter the news 🙂 (or maybe not). Wonder if this means I lose my geekness badge?

  3. To be honest still can’t believe that based on your list I’m not addicted to Twitter — I surely must be the poster child for a true twitterholic (as I do it in my sleep). And am finding it hard to believe that I could become even more addicted.

    We shall have to wait and see if I become more geeky…


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