Latest from the Kitchen Renos

For the non-Australian readers, renos is short for renovations. Pronounced renOEZ

Behold: my new Zip tap.

New Zip Tap

Not only hot and cold running water, we now have filtered colderer and filtered boiling (ie: hoterer) water รขโ‚ฌโ€œ right at the sink.

This is my Christmas present from Avril, and the only request I had for the kitchen renos. At current costs, this should pay for itself by 2025.

4 thoughts on “Latest from the Kitchen Renos”

  1. Nick, Zip taps are wonderful things! especially having the cold, filtered water on tap all day long every day…

    Just one problem with them, they are expensive to run. So remember to turn it off at the unit when you are away for a few days to save on the costs of continuously heating / cooling water that you are not using.

  2. Ooh. My in-laws have one of those. I am always jealous of their ability to instantly make tea.

    Although, I have this totally irrational urge to turn it on and feel how hot it actually is.

    Since this is pretty unhealthy, I’ll stick to my Keurig machine for the time being, and just admire your Zip tap from afar.

  3. Leanne–

    We’ve turned on the special safety option for the hot water.

    It was a good thing — as last night (actually, about 4.49am) I accidently pressed all the buttons to get cold water. That could have been a household accident.


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