atNickHodge 23rd April, “The Lost Uncles”

All Hail the New Show Name: atNickHodge.

Comments in the chat stream from Thursday 18th’s #understil 7 (Conked Out and Stoked) ended with a suggestion from @LafinBoy to change the name of the show. Not because Stilgherrian Live! nor being his understudy is a bad thing: just it is just time to graduate. Up the ante. Grow up, maybe.

After 4.2 minutes of thinking, the only name that fell into my head is “atNickHodge” (@nickhodge). That will do for the moment. At least it is consistent with my strict personal branding guidelines. And I will probably change my mind and call it something else one day.

Thanks to all my previous guests, and the future super sekrit guests. And a big thanks to @dekrazee1 for her help and support. Oh, and @mrsnickhodge and @yin_0x7f for their guidance. Doing a weekly show seems to add structure into my life; and is becoming a new hobby.

Onto way more important topics.

Nick on Gold Beach, Normandy, France
Nick at Arromanches (D-Day Gold Beach) May 2004.

The next show is scheduled for 8.30pm, Thursday 23rd April 2009.


Topic this week: “The Lost Uncles”. It is Anzac Day this Saturday. In Remembrance, I am going to reveal the histories of four individual soldiers from World War 1 and 2; each of which I have a personal connection. This show is not to glorify war; nor create false heroes. It is an episode just to remember four men.

Three from WW1, one from WW2; Two I am related to, two have other connections; Two survived the war, Two did not. Three were enlisted men, one an officer. One was married and had a child prior to enlistment; two had no children and I am directly descended from one. One I met in person; all are in my being and thoughts.

This show is for Lock, Roberts, Mason and Hodge.

Lest We Forget.

Please pop this into your diaries. See you on Thursday night.