Why the Quietness?

It is rather strange for me to be quiet. Especially online and on this blog specifically.

Twitter is partly to blame: it is where my creative mind finds an outlet.

Another is a little more sinister. And I use the word sinister also meaning left-hand-side

In April 2007 I talked on my experience of Bell’s Palsy.

Over the last month, the left-hand side of my face didn’t go numb nor fall, but there has been an intense ache.

Now the right hand side of my face is showing some weirdness. A nervous twitching when I yawn, eat, talk, look up or smile. This twitching lasts for 1-2 seconds and is noticeable, and changes my speech pattern. It is quite disconcerting giving presentations and having your face go crazy. I am quite self-conscious about the visual effect.

From reports from other Bell’s sufferers, this is a potential issue. Doctors report that this is a function of the muscles and nerves of the face rebalancing the weakness on one side.

So, its working online and from home with a few outward bound events.

And rest.

So, if you don’t see my “in the flesh” or being prolific online. There is my reason.

5 thoughts on “Why the Quietness?”

  1. Oh dear, so sorry to read this
    Hope you feel better tout suite Nick.

    Your online absence is certainly felt 🙂

  2. Good to hear you are ok, kinda…I know the feeling literally…lucky for me, mine stopped when I was a kid…stay strong my man…let’s catch up when you can…

  3. Sorry to hear Nick, I hope all works out and we see you front and centre again, you are a great asset to Microsoft Aust and I know I really enjoy your presentations and knowledge you bring.

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