Facial Update

Nick at Shibuya, Japan

It has been a long 3-4 weeks.

From Doctor’s visits and other experts, this is most likely merely a viral infection in the facial nerves. You can only take anti-virals within the first 36-72 hours – a time long, long ago. So its has been “just live with it”. Research has shown me that re-occurance of the opposing side is possible. However, it is quite disconcerting thinking that your face is going to ‘flutter’ or ‘twinge’ with nervous abandon.

Today was a major breakthrough. Presenting Windows 7 and Office 2010 to IT Teachers at Western Sydney TAFE. 3 hours of non-stop talking, and only a couple of facial contortions. As long as I don’t smile, eat or look up – all is well. Things are on the improve.

Totally buggered, however. Stuffed. Whilst I once presented for 8 hours, at least twice, when on a trip to India in 2001 – and been at countless tradeshows of 14+ hours of standing around and spruiking – 3 hours is still a long time to be “on”

So its onwards. Good to have a normal face back.

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  1. Good to hear old son…I am truly glad to hear that you have been back up on the horse…when you have some time, I really like to show you our new digs at Media City (cough), ATP, Eveleigh, at 8 Central Ave…and to talk PHP 5.3.x and WIN2008 64bit…

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