Welcome to Mungenet 6.

This one is a little different to the previous versions – the page fragments are stored in a MySQL database and dynamically created using a 1000-line PHP opus called the mungenetengine. The structure of the site is also stored in the database, too. This permits the navigation to be dynamically generated. Links to external sites (or static files on this server) are stored, too. One change will results in easier management. Also stored in the database are any binary files: images, PDFs and ZIP files.

Why dynamically build this site? It makes it much easier to add elements on the fly, without having to change and upload many static files – which is especially the case with navigation elements. Normally, if you add another sibling page (a page in a directory that is related to the other pages) – you have to update all pages in that directory to reflect the new entry. I believe that navigation gives you, the user of this site, context. So keeping this syncronised is important.