My parents sent me the above photo. This was taken circa 1984.

The cat is a tabby/white chested cat we called Bindy. Way before the Irwins used that name. And the Mac 128K’s name was Bonny. Yes, the boxes of disks to the right of the photo are geniune Apple 3.5″ disks – each disk being worth about AU$7.00 at the time.

Cats, Computers – a combination that lives through the ages.

Channel 9 / Scott Guthrie Cat

Microsoft, VB on Mac Office 2007

In a very honest post, Saying Goodbye to Visual Basic, Erik Schwiebert from the MacBU goes into detail on the deep, technical reasons why VB is going to be left out of the next Mac version of Office.

The nuances of the painful decision, based on hard technical sweat, are shown in depth – and illustrate the quite common processes software companies have to go through when their platform mutates.

Maybe if the CLR goes MacOS, and the languages like C# make it to Mac, and there is a common Win Office/Mac Office object model – the world will be in a better place?