XML Goo-i-ness Inside

Microsoft pre-released their XAML-in-the-browser technology, WPF/e earlier this week. XAML inside.

XAML “smells” like the W3C’s Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). DOM-inside-a-DOM, Declarative animation, 2D graphics. XAML maybe not SVG, but it certainly tips its hat to SVG.

Adobe today pre-released their XML-in-a-PDF technology, Mars, for Acrobat 8. Essentially, Mars as a technology is presently delivered as plugins for Adobe Reader 8 and Acrobat 8 Professional. You can save an existing ‘binary’ PDF out as a .mars file. These .mars files are like .jar or .war files: manifested, structured ZIP files. Looking inside a description of a page, you have an SVG Tiny 1.2+ (as Adobe state, SVG/FSS0 representation. The specification clearly documents that .mars takes the current concept of PDF, a document format, and extends this as XML.These technologies do not directly intersect: an XML representation of SWF rather than PDF would be closer to XAML. Having cross-platform viewer support for Microsoft’s XPS would be closer to PDF.

I was premature in saying SVG was deprecated.

Geek and Roman Toys

Apple finally releases Intel Core 2 Duo versions of the 15 and 17″ MacBook Pro. The concept of 200Gb of disk space and 3Gb of RAM is attractive, but we’ll have to see … I don’t think Santa is that generous. Unless someone wants a 5 month old 15″ MacBook Pro.

Myriad of things from Adobe. Apollo gets US$100m of backing from Adobe; but still no code to get your hands dirty. Flex Builder 2.0 for MacOS is out. Woot!

DigitalEditions comments from Ryan Stewart; in fact, Ryan has some excellent comments on Adobe Apollo too.

However, the biggest announcement is a parry to Microsoft’s XPS: Adobe Mars project. This is a representation of PDF in XML, but packed in a ZIP container. This one has been bumping around for a while: and it seems the SVG might just be getting another run at Adobe.

Just as Adobe starts to head toward the moon in the Apollo, we have another space metaphor to deal with: Mars. Or mabye it’s just a penchant for Roman Gods?

Fittingly, Mars is the Roman god of war.

Too much stuff, my brain hurts. Especially as I have some serious Javascript and Adobe Extendscript revolving in my head.

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SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Deprecated.

RIP Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

Deprecated equals don’t use it. The momentum in the web-world has slowed to grinding halt.

Whilst SVG is a W3C technology, not owned by Adobe, the original specification came from PGML.

Sad, there was much potential for SVG. All it would have taken was Adobe to make a standard programming model and builder application and SVG really could have taken off. SVG is an example of good technology becoming cannon fodder, lost in the charge to an enemy: rather than technology being used for good.

Today, we have two XML-based model for generating rich interfaces: MXML and XAML. One is in the operating system and a part of a download, the other requires a bolt-on application in the browser.

SVG pre-dated these technologies by some years. A standardised widget library; extension into 3D and co-operation by large companies could have advanced the world of rich, connected applications.

Standard file formats invite competitiveness in software applications. Consider open, standardised file formats like world-free trade. The most efficient and best survive. A darwinian selection for the best.

Better luck next time.


What a strange day. Spent the morning doing “sales management” stuff (part of my new job) and the afternoon looking at SVG, C# and debugging SOAP/Webservices style communication with the Adobe Graphics Server.

Cari pointed this out: Photoshop Camera Raw and JPEG2000 plugins for Photoshop 7.0. These are purchaseable downloads from adobe.com. Camera Raw gives you much greater control when loading images from Digital Cameras.

For a while there, the world began and ended on Monday December 2, 2002. Sorry about that. Coding error my end. Been a lot of that lately on my end. Thanks Mark.


Added support for object embed style elements; these include SVG and SWF elements pulled from the database. Need to get code working to read the default size for these elements. I attempted to do this with SWFs, but found munging 5-bits to make an number of significant bits in the twips of width and height a little too much like hard work (read openswf.org to see what I mean!) SVG will be easier; just use an XML parser to read the data out of the stream. If its compressed, decompress.

I am not alone on this PHP journey. wes crusher is doing coding, too


The short tutorial on SVG intro at Adobe web site. (in the SVG Zone)

The Pacific Area Newspaper Publisher s Association Technical Advisory Committee (PANPA TAG) has recently published their PANPASpecs (PDF Guidelines for Newspaper Advertising Delivery)

I have been spending time with PHP and MySQL — and I am nearly ready to install my own content management system for the front page. Crash course in configuring Server-Side-Includes for Apache as well as a slide side slip into Python.