Virtualization, MacOS X Server

Silicon Valley Sleuth writes a short article on the appearance of VMware at WWDC. It’s about more than just the desktop OS.

Here is another pie-in-the-sky, non-desktop scenario:

  • Apple releases new versions of both their Xserver and the MacOS X Server.
  • Xserve becomes a tested and supported platform for VMWare Server and more importantly VMware’s ESX Server. This will permit new Intel-based XServes to be installed into Datacenters with their heads held high. VMware endorsement is cred Apple needs to go to the next revenue level with their servers.
  • An implementation of Leopardized MacOS X Server will run on non-Apple hardware on VMware. This is a counter-punch to the recent Xen/Microsoft/VMware wrangling. Now MacOS X Server can run on a stable and supported platform (VMware ESX) rather than the multitude of hardware configurations found in the Intel world.

So, what’s the net-net of this? Apple has VMware supported as an application on MacOS X desktop; endorsement of their blade server environment and more sales of MacOS X Server without the support hassles.

VMware gets unique and in-demand server OS with excellent corporate support. Rather than IS managers adopting the Linux/Intel “build it yourself” approach; a supported platform is important.

It is not so much about the desktop, but the server.

The next few days will be very interesting!