Difference of Opinion: Digital Age

It has been an excellent week for the ABC. The Curtin “docu-drama” gave a portrait of a man of his time: Prime Minister John Curtin during the 1941 through 1942.

Last night, Jeff McMullan did a standard “journalistic show” wrapped as debate on new technologies, and the impact on community on “Difference of Opinion: Growing Up in the Digital Age“. Captured inthe freshness of the moment, this Podcast captured by Chris Saad of Particls. Discussion boards on the topic are interesting to read.

Another essence is that people’s online and digital life is real. It is a part of generation-y identity. The base-level morals and ethics still apply; and probably more so in a world that is flat and always on.

2 thoughts on “Difference of Opinion: Digital Age”

  1. Hey Uncle Nick.

    This is an interesting piece of observation, albeit, for me, not new or surprising.

    “Another essence is that people’s online and digital life is real.”

    I find a lot of this in second Life, to differing degrees, even though we are talking 18+ ages.

    Take-away: virtual does not necessarily equal unreal.

    Uncle Dave

  2. Uncle Dave

    I thought of you when I wrote this post. More and more, it is dawning on me what this digital online r/w web stuff is about — and going to be about.

    I think you and Uncle Mike got there before me, tho’ 🙂

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