Email is for old Farts

… to paraphrase the quotation below. Thanks to danah boyd for the inspiration.

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Thanks to Mark Pesce for the recommendation to the Essentials journalist, Nick Galvin.

Oh, and Fiona Morris had a version of the photo taken with cats. The cat versions were funnier. Behind the scenes: when the photo as taken, we were actually looking at for the LOL inspiration.

Creating in SecondLife

Thanks to Uncle Dave Wallace (to the left), I now feel properly attired in SecondLife:


Hanging out on the The Podcast Network island, where the Australian Twitterarti drop in and out. Donated some money to Cameron so he’s not taking food from his family’s mouth to create a place to visit.

Duncan Riley from Techcrunch posted his thoughts on meeting in SecondLife, especially the new voice/talk interface and the intersection of methods of interacting with each other.

As I stated recently, I was wrong about SecondLife. It’s a social environment.

More experiments to come.

Small Geek in the Wheel

More cluely people join the Australian DPE team. It’s way cool having smart friends on the team to balance my ignorance on all Microsoft matters important.

A Special shout out to the ever helpful Jeffa and Captain Coates.


Frank seems to be relieving his end-of-year frustrations by changing my title in the HR system. It will be cool to see my first Microsoft Performance Evaluation with “Professional Geek”  A story to tell the grand kids.

Notes: Mount Gravatt ICT Day April 2007

mount gravatt, 7:30am

  1. Web 2.0: needs extra work to map to teaching outcomes (, flickr) Many Web 2.0 sites still blocked by policy. It makes it difficult to use all the cool web 2.0 stuff in school, especially when these tools will be used by the students for project delivery. Think a mashup as a project handin. (cool!)
  2. If multiple-media submission types (Powerpoint, video, web sites) are required for presentation: how do we present? Making the technology easier is key; and the students have more advanced Quicktime, FlashPlayer, WMV, Powerpoint than on the standard, locked down desktops. Secondly, as SVGA style connections to projectors in the room.
  3. Web job opportunities mapped to ICT. What sort of jobs exist for students in a web-world? Art teachers > design, for instance
  4. 90+% of Yr10s have IM address; 80+% communicate with people outside Australia! Can only think this is based either on family or friends overseas with similar interests
  5. Managing the balance between ICT evangelism vs. Microsoft demo-stuff.  Showing cool stuff is cool. Consider that video cabling and audio may not suit in all circumstances.
  6. Key guidance from Sean Tierney critical. 20 minute chunking important; just like adult learning.
  7. Surprised many teachers how few people it took at Castlemaine XXXX to make beer, how automated the process is. Can a bunch of teachers organise a p*ss-up in a brewery? (yes, if timetable permits)
  8. Mount Gravatt High: Im in ur your Wikipedia pages.

Difference of Opinion: Digital Age

It has been an excellent week for the ABC. The Curtin “docu-drama” gave a portrait of a man of his time: Prime Minister John Curtin during the 1941 through 1942.

Last night, Jeff McMullan did a standard “journalistic show” wrapped as debate on new technologies, and the impact on community on “Difference of Opinion: Growing Up in the Digital Age“. Captured inthe freshness of the moment, this Podcast captured by Chris Saad of Particls. Discussion boards on the topic are interesting to read.

Another essence is that people’s online and digital life is real. It is a part of generation-y identity. The base-level morals and ethics still apply; and probably more so in a world that is flat and always on.